How to Rank Web Design Firms

web design firms

One the greatest hurdles when starting your website is choosing a good designer. There are thousands of web firms that are available in the market today, and this makes choosing a reputable one a daunting task. Many website owners are left stranded whom they can choose to design their site and which prerequisite to apply when choosing them But they need to worry no more as there are companies that are involved in the ranking of web design companies based on certain performance parameters. This article will provide all the information that you need to know about the best web design firm based on the various performance parameters.

Criteria used to rank web design firms:

Mobile responsiveness

This is a measure of how the design enhances compatibility on the user using different sizes of the screen. The most responsive websites, in this case, are the one that has been able to convert their site into a tablet, mobile or laptop website. According to the survey conducted in 2017, these were the most responsive web firms; Straight north, Jaz website company, website to impress, Inc amongst others.

Ability to use SEO techniques effectively

This is a measure of how well the web firms were able to rank high in the search engines. The following firms outshined the others in utilizing their SEO techniques to generate massive traffic as follows; Digital current, Zinavo, SEO werks amongst others were rated as the best web design firms making proper use of the SEO techniques.

Ability to provide customized design

This is a measure of how well the website design firm was able to develop unique designs that stood out from the rest. They are able to tailor a design that will be useful in solving their client’s needs. The following firms emerged the best based on a survey conducted in January this year as follows; ESP Interactive solutions, Magicdust web design, Creative California.Llc.

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