Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

onlive vs offline shopping

Irrespective of the department you are in, online selling has taken it up by storm. There are stores for every shelf product in your regular supermarket and makes you want to think, what is next for offline shopping? Well, here are a few points that put both scenarios against each other.

The first advantage of online shopping is the ease and convenience, no doubt. However, how far would you go to choose ease when it is an important or critical buy? If you had to buy that all important business skirt or maybe even a tie for a meeting – would you not want to feel the fabric? See how it looks on you and if it matches your wardrobe? You would. Irrespective of the advantages present with the online shopping, you would want to know the product in detail. That is why more online sellers are allowing users to pay upon receipt of the product or as we call it ‘cash on delivery’. This way, you are always sure of seeing or feeling the product.

There is a pricing war between offline and online stores and the main reason behind that is the lesser setup cost for a store. Plus, promotions on an online store are quite effortless too. You can promote your offers or your store easily via Facebook or Adwords and thus have a lot of traffic on your website. With an offer that is attractive, you are sure of selling well. However, with an offline store, getting people to your store might be a challenge as compared. Many marketers in fact use online promotions to get users to their offline stores.

Stuck working through the day and cannot find time for your grocery shopping? Well, do it in the late night or any time of the night for that matter. That is one massive advantage of online supermarkets – they are open 24 hours a day! You do not have to think about time being a concern anymore. Choose a delivery time and make sure you don’t forget it!

One of the reasons offline shopping is seeing a decline is the travel time or time required to complete a transaction. This is clearly avoided by online stores. You would not only be able to complete the purchase from the comfort of your home, you would also be able to choose when the delivery of your product takes place.

You always want to know the prices offered by other vendors before you by something. This is not really easy to do when you are buying offline. On the contrary, you are able to buy after seeing or researching from various sites. This will give you an overall idea on pricing and which your regular shopping sites should be. Even with the boom of ecommerce, it can be safely said that offline shopping would survive with the amount of branding and marketing that is required, but no two ways about it – online stores are the way for the future.